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ICT Consultancy

Vinesh Group provides high-level technical advice to companies that lack computer science expertise in their team. We help stakeholders buy relevant hardware or software, create strategies to improve/automate operations and provide support when facing IT challenges.

We play a pivotal role in helping individuals and businesses develop, utilize, and integrate IT systems. By resolving technical problems and providing comprehensive user training, We enable our clients to maximize the value of technology in their business operations.

As a well-known and key player in the ICT industry, we provide the following services to our stakeholders.

Application support

Appointing an IT administration withing the organization for a stratup or a small business involves a huge expenditure to a company. And we are there to help such those companies to fullfill thier ICT needs by providing remote ICT assistance. This involves Installation, Configuration & Maintenance of Software Applications as well as attending on-demand support requests. Our Support Products are as below but not limited to 

Getting Good ICT support ensure success.

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